For Organizations

We offer the following classes and workshops for retirement residents and community groups. FITNESS CLASSES Participants can take part in 60 minute fitness classes at your location. Active on Chair: The exercises are designed to improve muscle tone, flexibility and endurance. “Active on Chair” is ideal for those with arthritis, osteoporosis or those first starting an […]

Corporate Services

Corporate services are designed to promote healthy lifestyles in order to reduce the risk of disease, increase productivity, lower the cost of employee benefits, reduce absenteeism rates, and enhance employees’ overall quality of life. Our services: Wellness Coaching: We design and implement one on one programs to help your employees achieve their physical fitness and […]

Medical Fitness

We specialize in designing exercise programs for individuals with chronic conditions. Our programs help lower risk factors, improve fitness levels and enhance quality of life. Our Kinesiologists and exercise science professionals provide services to individuals with diagnoses including, but not limited to: Diabetes Cardiovascular Disease Stroke  Cancer Arthritis  Osteoporosis / Frailty Obesity / General Deconditioning […]

Wellness Coaching

We design and implement wellness programs to help our clients to achieve their mental and physical highest potential. We track progress, maintain motivation, and evaluate success. Benefits We track your wellness progress Keep you accountable with your wellness and health goals We evaluate your success Create new healthy habits Be healthier and happier Boost your energy Improve […]

Peter Trajceski

Peter Trajceski Wellness Coach From the age of 4, my life has revolved around various types of physical activity. The moments in life where I enjoyed myself most came from the feeling of winning a tournament or being surrounded by my family and teammates at my sporting events. As the years passed and I grew […]

Muyu Wang

Muyu Wang Wellness Coach   Physical activities and sports have been a large part of my life since elementary school. I enjoyed the time that mom brought me from school to the swimming pool. After getting into middle school, I started to play soccer and basketball. Team sports teach me how to communicate with others […]

Rachel Lau

Rachel Lau Podcaster I have been physically active from a very young age. Growing up in Hong Kong, I was in the school team for swimming, cross-country and indoor rowing. My passion for sports and exercise have led me to study kinesiology at the University of Toronto (UofT). During my undergraduate studies, I was a […]

Good Luck Amanda

We have had the pleasure of having Amanda Sussman during her student placement for the Master of Professional Kinesiology at the U of T.  She supported us in key areas as client service, research & service development and marketing.