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Kinesiology is the science of human movement, applying the latest evidenced-based research to improve body function, health and wellness of people with any physical condition.

Yes, In Ontario exists “College of Kinesiology of Ontario” which develops all the rules to regulate the profession. These rules are for protecting public’s rights.

Definitely not! We focus on 50+ people, but we can design kinesiology, fitness and nutritional programs for anyone.

We accept clients on a referral or a non-referral basis.

Some extended health care insurances cover kinesiology services and/or treatments and assessments under the scope of practice of kinesiology.

You can use your Health Spending Account, a pre-determined amount provided to employees at the beginning of each benefit year, to cover their medical expenses. Kinesiology qualifies under this category.

You can now claim kinesiology services in Ontario as an eligible medical expense on the Canada Revenue Agency. See here for more information. We also accept Veterans Affairs Canada insurance.

Don’t worry! We assess your health and fitness level and then design the right Kinesiology/fitness program for you.

I feel too old and weak. Can I take Fit After 50 sessions, anyway?

Absolutely yes! Exercise is very important in your case.


Rescheduling / Cancellations.
To cancel or reschedule your session, you need to give 24 hours’ notice. You are entitled to that session if the Kinesiologist or trainer cancels with less than 24 hour’s notice. You can contact us by calling or texting at 647-854-4316, by e-mail: or by filling out our contact form.

The sessions are 60 minutes long. If you arrive late, it will reduce this time from your 60-minute session. If the kinesiologist or trainer is late, you will get the entire session.

Session Expiration / Refund.
Unused sessions expire six months after your purchase without the right to a refund. If you wish to cancel and get a refund for your unused sessions, you must notify us within six months of your purchase. Please note that there will be a 25% deduction on your total purchase.

Group Class Protocols.
Any group member who needs to cancel a session and cannot do so because of unforeseen circumstances, illness, or reasons beyond their control will only have to pay $30. All mentioned rates may be subject to change.

Loyalty Client.
You gain a loyal client status after one year of receiving our products and services. This condition means you could enjoy differential yearly rates for your sessions and packages. You lose your condition of a loyal client after six months of not receiving any of our services or products.

You can download our Kinesiology Service Contract here