Wellness Coaching

We design and implement wellness programs to help our clients to achieve their mental and physical highest potential. We track progress, maintain motivation, and evaluate success.


  • We track your wellness progress
  • Keep you accountable with your wellness and health goals
  • We evaluate your success
  • Create new healthy habits
  • Be healthier and happier
  • Boost your energy
  • Improve your fitness level
  • Enlist in expert help
  • Puts the focus on you

You will get:

  • Initial assessment
  • Regular follow ups
  • Success evaluation
  • 60 minutes wellness sessions
  • Plan to reach your goals
  • Fitness track
  • Educational Resources

One-on-one rates

  • Single Session $ 110 CAD + HST
  • Pre-purchase of Ten Sessions $ 90 CAD + HST per session

Virtual One-on-one rates

  • Pre purchase of one session: $ 80 + HST 
  • Pre purchase of ten sessions: $ 750 + HST $ (75 per session)

Session are delivered through ZOOM

Payment Option: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cheques, e-Transfer and Cash.

Health Care Coverage

  • Health Spending Account
  • Some extended health care insurance
  • Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Kinesiologist services in Ontario can now claim it as an eligible medical expense on the Canada Revenue Agency. See here more information.