Corporate Services

Corporate services are designed to promote healthy lifestyles in order to reduce the risk of disease, increase productivity, lower the cost of employee benefits, reduce absenteeism rates, and enhance employees’ overall quality of life.

Our services:

  • Wellness Coaching: We design and implement one on one programs to help your employees achieve their physical fitness and wellness goals. Our programs focus on improving strength, flexibility, energy, balance, and increasing physical activity habits. We also help employees to lose weight and manage stress through exercise.
  • Active Office: Our exercise specialists will go to your employee’s desks and teach them stretching and mobility exercises. These active breaks are important to manage stress and prevent muscular disorders due to repetitive movements. Our programs will improve the quality of life of your employees and generate awareness of the importance of self-health care.
  • Fitness Classes: We are able to deliver our classes on your worksite or any fitness facility. Classes can be scheduled before work, after work or during lunch breaks.

For rates please contact us.

Payment Option: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cheques, e-Transfer and Cash.