TDSB Teacher Offer

For more than eight years, we have had teachers as our best clients. We not only understand the rol of their professions in the development of our society but also the sacrifice and stress that imply being a teacher. 
We know that the lack of time for class preparation, planning with colleagues, grading student work and many other activities are factors of extreme stress.
Today, we want to present you a TDSB Teacher Offer for a set of wellness programs and services that will help teachers to beat stress and make them healthier and happier.

Buy and get 15% off all of our services.


Improve strength, flexibility, energy, and get a better emotional balance to live a healthier and a happier life.

One People Group (2 People)
10 pack $80 per session  (+HST) 10 pack $130 per session  (+HST)
20 pack $75 per session  (+HST) 20 pack $120 per session  (+HST)



Exercise programs for individuals with chronic conditions.We help lower risk factors, and enhance quality of life.

One People
10 pack $80 per session  (+HST)
20 pack $75 per session  (+HST)



Learn healthy habits for happiness and connect your mind and body to establish better balance in your life.

8 sessions $320  (+HST)
Minimum four people


We offer more than five classes from which you can choose. Classes can be scheduled before work, after work or during lunch breaks.

$24 per session  (+HST)
Minimum five people


* Conditions:

  • Keep in mind that this discount will require proof of valid school identification or certification
  • Retired teachers can be eligible