Thank you Yushu and Aran.

FA50: Why did you choose Fit After 50 as placement?

Yushu: I chose this placement because I would like to gain more experience working with population with chronic conditions as well as getting some exposure in business operation and management.

Aran: Based on the description provided in the placement application package, Fit After 50 seemed like it would offer a very well-rounded experience with opportunities to learn about how to start a business, working with clients, and working on projects to expand/better the quality/number of services offered. 

FA50:Tell us about your experience working with us?

Yushu: It was a pleasure working in Fit After 50 and I really appreciate the level of autonomy and supervision that I received. It was a great balance to allow individuals to pursue their ideas and projects while still having guidance and support from mentor.

Aran: My experience with Fit After 50 has been great! Starting from day 1, I immediately received the practical experience that I was looking for. Despite conducting the placement virtually, Andres was able to successfully adapt our responsibilities so that we could perform them online while maintaining the quality of experiences that we would be receiving. By working with clients, leading online classes, networking with other health professionals within the field, and conducting our own individual project, I can confidently say that I had a positive learning experience with Fit After 50 and was able to achieve my learning goals as a student.

FA50: How was your experience working with older adults?

Yushu: It was interesting to work with older adults. They are more knowledgeable and may have more things going on in life that I probably have not experienced. Working with them, I found it important to be open, curious, respectful, and take genuine interest in their lives to build rapport with them.

Aran: With little previous experience working with older adults, I initially felt challenged when working with this population. However, I was quickly able to adapt with some help from Andres and thoroughgoingly enjoyed my time at Fit After 50. I was able to use many of the same principles that I followed when working with different populations (e.g., athletes, children) but tailored them to the interests/needs of older adults. 

FA50: What did you learn during your time with Fit After 50?

Yushu: My experience at Fit After 50 has taught me to consider all aspects that could contribute to elder population’s health behaviours which are very different from a younger generation’s perspective. I also learnt to be open to clients to build rapport and trust while keeping a professional identity. Moreover, it takes tremendous enthusiasm and resilience to be an entrepreneur and run a business especially in an unexpected tough situation. Being creative, resourceful, and proactive in whatever you are doing goes a long way.

Aran: Verbal & non-verbal communication skills 

  • Exercise program design & prescription 
  • How to deliver coaching/training services through online delivery methods 
  • Key considerations when starting a business 
  • Importance of networking 

FA50: Now you have finished your placement, would you recommend our company as a placement to other students?

Yushu: Absolutely. This placement transforms theories into actions. Having direct client contact and being immersed in both research and business operation provided unmeasurable value for whoever joining this placement. 

Aran: Yes! For any student who is seeking to gain practical experience working with clients, wants to be challenged to step outside of your comfort zone, and enjoys following a structured routine, Fit After 50 is an amazing placement!

FA50: Would you recommend Fit After 50 services to older adults? Why?

Yushu: Yes. With knowledgeable and experienced health professionals onboard, Fit After 50 provides high-quality kinesiology and wellness service particularly for older adults. Clients receive care and support tailored to their needs.

Aran: Yes! Fit After 50 does a great job at following a holistic approach to training/rehabilitation. Andres and his team are very knowledgeable and accommodating when it comes to tailoring the training experience to each individual client. 

FA50:What are your plans for the future?

Yushu: I plan to take the RKin examination this fall and probably get certified with CSEP CEP (certified exercise physiologist) while working on my capstone project. I will apply for kinesiology-related jobs that are geared towards older population or chronic conditions. I am also open to other opportunities such as doing part-time or collaboration on a side project in the field of interest. I’m also interested in entrepreneurship once I gain some experience in the industry.

Aran: My plan for the future is to pursue a career as a leading healthcare professional and continue to advocate for the integration of physical activity into our daily lives so that we can allow people to live healthier, happier, lifestyles.