Good Luck Ramzia

FA50: Why did you choose Fit After 50 as placement?

RR: I wanted a lot of hands on experience working with older adults because I wanted to go into.

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FA50: Tell us about your experience working with us?

RR: I had a lot of expectations going into working with Fit after 50 and I am happy to say I got a lot of experience coming out of this placement. It is a great place to learn multiple levels of skills such as interpersonal skills, time management, and unexpectedly a lot of independent work. There were multiple projects to work on and always new things to look forward to which was nice. 

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FA50: How was your experience working with older adults?

RR: I worked with one group of older adults from a Spanish community centre and this was very difficult for me considering the language barrier, it forced me to push myself out of my comfort zone and to find other ways to communicate with people or get my message across.

FA50: What did you learned during your time with Fit After 50?

RR: I learned a lot of interdependent the field of kinesiology is to business, so I learned a lot about how to sell a business and different qualities that it should have. I learned a lot of social skills, how to effectively listen and communicate with others. There was a lot I learned about myself as well, I love more hands-on experiences rather than research based which was majority of the second half of the year. However, the environment and the connection obtained from this experience was amazing and I am very grateful for it.

FA50: Now you have finished your placement, Would you recommend our company as a placement to other students?

RR: Yes for sure.

FA50: Would you recommend Fit After 50 services to older adults? Why?

RR: Yes. Great place to get personal wellness coaching, there is nothing like this anywhere in the market where the programs are made very personalized to fit your every need. 

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FA50: What are your plans for the future?

RR: I will most likely take a fifth year to really know what I want to do, but I would love to start by becoming a registered Kinesiologist and go into chiropractic school or massage therapy.

FA50: Good Luck Ramzia

RR: Thank You!