Good Luck Amanda

Time goes by so fast even for a young student as Amanda. She has to leave us and take another placement. But before she goes, we wanted to ask her about her experience with our team.

FA50: Why did you choose Fit After 50 as placement?

AS: I chose Fit After 50 because of the variety I believed it would provide me. From fitness assessments and exercise programming to contributing to different business operations.  The placement also offered the opportunity to work with older adults including those living with arthritis, diabetes etc.  It was also important for me to have a mentor that was a Registered Kinesiologist. Although I am grateful for the mentorship I have received in the past from professionals that were not Kinesiologists, I wanted to learn from a Kinesiologist and understand they role in health care.

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FA50: Tell us about your experience working with us?

AS: I definitely enjoyed my time working at Fit After 50. My mentor, Andres, was extremely encouraging and supportive of my learning experience which, contributed to my placement being so positive.  I most enjoyed getting to work one-on-one with clients, it was encouraging and fulfilling to see clients gain trust in me throughout my time there.  More clients were inclined to ask me questions about fitness and nutrition which, was one of the ways I knew they trusted me as a trainer/professional.  This placement was my first experience working like a personal trainer with clients as opposed to being in a clinical setting. I am pleased to say that I think it went very well.

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FA50: How was your experience working with older adults?

AS: This is the second experience I have had working with older adults, my first being at a long-term care facility. The two have been very different experiences.  I do enjoy working with older adults, one of the reasons being because they are always so appreciative of the care they are receiving.  Working with older adults really challenges me to get creative with the exercise I prescribe especially, when I need to bring it down to more remedial levels of exercise.  It is easy to make exercise hard, the real challenge is being able to make it easier in order to help build their strength and endurance.

FA50: What did you learned during your time with Fit After 50?

AS: My experiences at Fit After 50 really taught me the needs and expectations of older adults when it comes to health and wellness.  Understanding what it is about the sessions they appreciate most, whether it be assistance to coordinate breathing, explaining why we are doing the exercises we are, or just listening to their struggles.  These things, although may seem small and insignificant, are important to the clients.  Andres also helped me understand the significance of my body language and non-verbal communication when working with clients, always making a point of discussing what I did and how I could improve.  All of which to ensure the client felt cared for and comfortable. Although there are always technical aspects of Kinesiology that can be learned, this placement was significant in teaching me how to care for clients outside of designing and teaching exercise plans.

FA50: Now you have finished your placement, Would you recommend our company as a placement to other students?

AS: I would absolutely recommend Fit After 50 as a placement to other students. Students that are interested in working with older adults and experiencing Kinesiology beyond clinical work will enjoy this placement and learn a lot.

FA50: Would you recommend Fit After 50 services to older adults? Why?

AS: Yes, I would recommend Fit After 50 services to older adults. (1) because Andres is very knowledgable and he cares about his clients. (2) When I speak to my own parents or other adults over 50 about getting active a lot of what they feel they need help with is offered at Fit After 50. The studio offers a safe space for clients to gain confidence in the gym in combination with one-on-one service to improve fitness and technique.  Older adults want someone not just to tell them what to do but to also teach them about what they are doing and Fit After 50 does just that.

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FA50: What are your plans for the future?

AS: Soon, I will be starting a placement at Women’s College Hospital in Cardiac Rehabilitation. Currently, I am waiting on the results of my registration exam for Kinesiology as I hope to get a job within the industry. For the future, I am considering whether or not I want to continue my schooling. With every experience and placement I have I build towards my career as a health care provider. I am open to the opportunities that may present themselves to the future. I hope to one day open my own clinic.

FA50: Good Luck Amanda

AS: Thank You!