Rachel Lau

Rachel Lau Podcaster I have been physically active from a very young age. Growing up in Hong Kong, I was in the school team for swimming, cross-country and indoor rowing. My passion for sports and exercise have led me to study kinesiology at the University of Toronto (UofT). During my undergraduate studies, I was a […]

Muyu Wang

Muyu Wang Wellness Coach   Physical activities and sports have been a large part of my life since elementary school. I enjoyed the time that mom brought me from school to the swimming pool. After getting into middle school, I started to play soccer and basketball. Team sports teach me how to communicate with others […]

Peter Trajceski

Peter Trajceski Wellness Coach From the age of 4, my life has revolved around various types of physical activity. The moments in life where I enjoyed myself most came from the feeling of winning a tournament or being surrounded by my family and teammates at my sporting events. As the years passed and I grew […]


Andres Palomino, MSc Reg. Kinesiologist & Wellness Coach From my early years, I’ve been involved with sports and physical activity. At 8 years old, I competed as an Inline Speed Skater in my hometown. My passion for sports led me to choose kinesiology and exercise sciences as my professional career. During over 15 years of […]